Top 25 Square Images Taken With the LC-Wide


So many formats to choose from and so little time… But, I guess we can take a break from our hectic schedules to admire the beauty of Square. With the new LC-Wide, you can create those lovely square images with the click of a button! Enjoy…

As usual, we recommend you plug your headphones into the closest music outlet, select a song that inspires you and enjoy these breath-taking images taken with the LC-Wide

A big thank you to all our testers for their wonderful images.

If you want to find out more about the LC-W, visit the microsite

written by gabysalas on 2011-05-21 #lifestyle #gallery #camera #square-format #new-product #lc-wide #lcwide #lomolaunch

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  1. saintempire
    saintempire ·

    the last pic is a total blast. love it.

  2. webo29
    webo29 ·

    totally want to be a tester!

  3. totifoto
    totifoto ·

    Hey I see pictures from my country, Iceland! Awesome ;)

  4. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Amazing Squares! luv the last pic too! :P

  5. eightmiles
    eightmiles ·

    nice big square photo...

  6. franty
    franty ·

    The square format is the main reason i really want an lcw... Too bad i can't afford it :(

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