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There are a lot of events on Lomography, especially these days. To make sure there’s always a free spot and so that we plan accordingly, we’ve added a small new feature: the guest list.

There’s always room for one more…

You can now put your name on the guest list for any event. Just below the article, you’ll see the option to add your name (or remove it if you changed your mind), you just have to be logged in to do so. You’ll also see a list of people who will attend this event (for Facebook users we will only show their first name of course).

So what events can your RSVP for? Take a look at our events section or this list of upcoming events:

See you there!

written by recurving on 2011-05-18 #news #events #feature #guest-list


  1. natchan
    natchan ·

    I'll be there. ;)

  2. pulex
    pulex ·

    and again nothing is happening in Vienna....... :-(

  3. t0m7
    t0m7 ·

    Yes, we want a big Lomo-Launch-Party in the HQ! :-)

  4. floriansimon
    floriansimon ·

    Be prepared, you guys in the headquarter! :D

  5. craigy_p
    craigy_p ·

    Hello? Helloooo? Is Vancouver so far off the map that we haven't found out about cameras yet? How about an event here in this beautiful city!

  6. vanecorp
    vanecorp ·

    ummm... ok.. I don't see Chicago on the list... umm there must be a mistake.

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