Slowing Down in Hengchun

Watching time slowly pass by is fun in this cozy township.

Located in the sub-tropical zone and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan is really an ideal place for summer lovers. The tropic of cancer runs through the middle of Taiwan and thus, southern Taiwan is really close to the tropical zone, so the weather is always hot and humid.

At the southern tip of this island is Hengchun Peninsula, also a township where Kenting National Park is located; it is a paradise for surfers,swimmers, and divers. When I come here, I mostly head straight to Kenting to be close to the ocean and dive into the inner space. Those corals and numerous kinds of fish are always welcoming me with their suave posture underwater. However, this time I had a different experience.

Staying at a friend’s house gave me the chance to walk around Hengchun Township and see the pace of local people. Under the sun, time seems to linger and doesn’t have the desire to move on, but life here is not necessary so. I see the people here are very active, working hard to get their paycheck. The reason I think that is that they want to get their job done so they can go enjoy nature and make the most of their valuable assets in their backyards. I really envy them for being able to live in a rustic yet charming environment. When one lives so close to nature, he is always relaxed and contented.

This is a double-exposure photo, there are actually two lotus flowers.

I also had the chance to get my PADI Advanced Diver certificate here in Kenting with the course from Dive New World. The coaches there are nice and professional. You get a sense of what diving is all about in its -10m pool before going to the ocean to see the clown fish. This diving center is right in the heart of “Kenting Big Street” near Xiao Wan, so it is ideal for those who just want to get gears and jump into the water.

Life in Hengchun is relaxing, I don’t even want to go back when my trip ends. I hope I can have the chance to come back soon. Whether on land or underwater, Hengchun offers both opportunities for people like me to have a totally laid-back good time.

All photos are shot with LC-A+ with LOMO 100 film:

Dive New World website
Dive New World facebook

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