Old Paper Mill with New Energy

The new appearance of a paper factory built 80 years ago in Taipei, Taiwan.

In the face of an economic downturn in recent years, the Taipei government has tried hard to create more jobs for its people. It has realized that it has many valuable resources in its hands, they are the mansions, parks, or factories that were used or occupied by former officials or state-run business. Now, to boost tourism in Taipei and potential profits, the government has gradually opened these “forbidden” venues to the public. Some venues are transformed into exhibition grounds with great success, such as Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Meanwhile, one of the venues in transformation is The Paper Mill in Shihlin District.

Just weeks ago, it successfully hosted the 2011 World Press Photos exhibition and now it has other ongoing exhibitions. This old paper mill was built in 1918 by the Japanese with bricks and cement. Enduring the hard times of history, the paper mill is almost deserted by people. Fortunately, it hasn’t been torn down and had a transformation as an art space hosting exhibitions, concerts, and theater performances. When pacing around the space, one can observe the old brick walls and gigantic warehouses that used to house the paper cutters and paper making machines. The atmosphere here is just so peaceful and made me think of my hometown village. But the paper mill is not just well kept, but with the newly-built wooden outdoor decorations, the paper mill is revitalized and will continue to live among us for several years to come.

All photos are shot with an LC-A+ loaded with LOMO 400

Get on the Red Line of the Taipei MRT and get off at Shihlin Station. Exit by the No.2 exit and turn right, walk straight and walk to the end, The Paper Mill welcomes you. (http://thepapermill.shihlin.com.tw/traffic.html)
The Paper Mill website: http://thepapermill.shihlin.com.tw/index.html
Huashan 1914 Creative Park: http://www.huashan1914.com/

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