HongMei, My First Camera Ever


I bought my first camera in the year of 1983, thus began my almost 30 years pursui on the photography journey….

I bought my first camera ever in the year of 1983. It all began in one evening, while I was reading in my college library, I viewed a picture by some foriegner, showing some water flowing out from a tab.The high speed flash makes the water looks like a frozen ice stick, and I was so amazed by that foto. Ever since that night, I was totally hooked by the art of photograpgy, I spent all my spare time reading magazines, books about photography. And I had not a camera then, so things were so hard for me to understand. Like appertures opening, shutter speed and DOF, plus all those chemical reactions. But, I just could’nt stop, like a sponge sucking water.

Then in the winter holiday, Idesided not go visit my family, instead join a part-time work team in the college. At the end, I earned 30 yuan, which was a lot in the early 80’s. However that still was not enough for a HongMei. I had to be hard to my self in the next two months, and tried to save a little more from my monthly spendings from my parents. Finally, I happily broght my HongMei back. It costed 42 RMB then, just imagine my dad’s salary was 48 in the year of 1983.

Ever since I had my first camera, my life totally changed. It become more colorful, more joyful. I see things from more than one side, I began to understand people and the world . Thank you HongMei, and thank you photography, and now thank you lomography….

One thing to add: the attached fotos were taken just last week, in early May 2011. The camera is still workable. It’s not leaking at all. However, when I finished the roll and opened the back, found the roll was too loose fat on the film spool. So I just let it be in the light for a while to check. It seems that my HongMei understands that I will show her off on the Lomography site. She decides to make some mirracle…something unusuall.

written by wuxiong on 2011-07-09 #lifestyle #120-foldable-camera #china-made #1983

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  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Thanks for such a great story. Many will empathise with the sacrifices made for something that doesn't appear logical to outsiders. Plus, you introduced a camera I've never heard of :)

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