Royal Albert Hall - Kensington, London


The Royal Albert Hall was built to promote the appreciation of Arts and Sciences and was a vision of Prince Albert. Located in the heart of South Kensington, it is definitely a place worth a visit.

It’s a beautiful Listed Grade I building used for many events such as concerts, exhibitions, public meetings, awards ceremonies, and even scientific conventions.

The inside is just as amazing as the outside with beautiful interiors and lovely arches, I can see why many people get blown away by it.

I recently went for a concert and the atmosphere was amazing because of its nice size, not too big and not too small, you feel closer to whoever is on stage but at the same time, feel pleased to be part of such a big crowd.

Most of the time, there is an event on, so it’s worth to check if you do have time even if you aren’t an art expert.

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  1. ophelia
    ophelia ·

    I can't wait to go there in November! I'm attending a Nobuo Uematsu's concert! I love it!

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