SS Great Britain


The SS Great Britain is one of Bristol’s most popular tourist attractions.

It was built in 1843 and was the largest boat of that time. Initially built as a steam ship, the sails were added later on in it’s life. It has had a chequered history – it was used for crossing the Atlantic; shipping immigrants to Australia; and then used as a warehouse in the Falkland Islands. Whilst in the Falklands, it was also sunk! In 1970, it returned to Bristol where it has been restored to near-original, albeit museum-piece condition.

Visiting is a treat for any lomographer. You can get a ticket which allows you to visit as many times as you want in a year – ideal for going back with different cameras/film combos! There are all sorts of brightly-coloured flags, exhibitions, sails, naval artifacts, and other things to see. Well worth the trip if you’re in the area!

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