The Rodin Museum in Paris


The Rodin Museum in Paris is located at the 7th arrondissement. Of course, it mainly houses sculptures of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). But the venue itself is a must see.

A friend recently told me that the Rodin Museum is amazing to take pictures of. I decided to go on a sunny day and enjoy both a cool photo afternoon and a museum tour of one of the most famous sculptor’s works.

Once on site, the first thing that blew my mind was the interior. It was so beautiful, in the most classic and classy Parisian style. Inside, it looks like you are centuries away from now, the decorations unchanged for ages.

Then, you can only be amazed by the beautiful work of Rodin: bodies in all shapes and positions – a really sensual vision of the human body. It made me I wish I could come at night so I could see shadow visions of the sculptures. They would’ve definitely looked alive!

Among the dozens of statutes there, a few ones will slip you by (it’s quite hard to focus on all of them), but some will catch and hold your attention. The power of a genius, you will feel it!

One of those that you will inevitably focus on is the Thinker. A small version is on display inside the museum while the big impressive one is located outside, in the garden of the museum. While viewing it, I kept on thinking why the Thinker was so interesting. And then I understood when I saw people looking at it all around: the Thinker makes you think! Pure magic!

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  1. jodimeetdiana76
    jodimeetdiana76 ·

    I luv the Rodin Museum in Paris! It's beautiful and quite, unlike many of the famous Museum's in Paris. I wish I had found Lomography before my last visit there, but maybe it's an excuse to visit Paris again.

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