Action Sampler

For those who like to move and experiment this little camera will keep you doing both of these. It’ll make you jump up high, pull faces and it will even come along for a slide across a gorge to catch the action.

I have had my action sampler for a couple of months and it has made me think outside the box when it come to photography. Every time I pull it out its not for your usual landscape or portrait but rather to capture moments of movement.

You never hear yourself saying hold that’s pose but rather do this or try that or see how quick you can be.
This little camera came along with me to a safari and was perfect to catch those wildlife action shots!
You start by opening the back with a push down lever. Then pop up the rewind knob (mine is quite hard but just apply a little pressure). Then load the film like normal attaching it to the uptake spool. Close the back and you are ready to go.

Pop up your view finder and shoot your first shot. You need to manually wind the film for your next shot and there is a counter to let you know how many shots you have taken. Once you have had fun shooting your whole roll it’s time to rewind your film. There is a little black button on the bottom of the camera that you press to release the film and from there you just turn the rewind knob in a clockwise motion. Then it’s off to the developers to see you images!

So go out there have fun and get creative!

written by nicx on 2011-05-20 #gear #fun #plastic #multilens #review #toy #movement #user-review

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