Lomo LC-Wide Lover: Giulio Squillaccioti

Our latest Lomo LC-Wide Lover hails from Italy. Say hi to Giulio Squillaccioti!

Name: Giulio Squillaccioti
Age: 28
City and Country: Rome-Venice, Italy


Born and raised in Rome, he left his family to follow The Clancy Brothers tour in the early 80s. Once the band split up, he decided to be a groupie for the Spice Girls, an occupation that he held until becoming a dean at the MIT in Boston, Massachusetts.

What do you most love about the LC-Wide?
That it is pocket wide

Describe the LC-Wide in five words:

Your eyes will see more!

What’s the strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest Lomographic encounter that you’ve ever had?

My 5D camera encountered the water in Venice and it’s there she still rests.

Your advice to future LC-Wide shooters?

No advice is good advice

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