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Our fellow lomographers mikahsupageek and cc-in-paris are in Cannes this week, and they were lucky enough to attend a screening of Pina, directed by Wim Wenders. Here are their thoughts on this tribute to one of the greatest dancers ever to have lived, who sadly left us in 2009…

cc-in-paris is one of the two winners of the competition we set up for the Cannes Film Festival ! She took another lomographer, mikahsupageek , on this trip to the Croisette, and they were given VIP tickets by Lomography to fully enjoy the Festival !

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to attend a screening of Pina with cc-in-paris, a movie in 3D directed by Wim Wenders on the life of the famous choregrapher Pina Bausch. Sitting on the front row, in what seemed to be one of the smallest screening rooms in Cannes, I just felt overwhelmed by a lot of different emotions : joy, sadness, laughter and tears…

The dance scenes blew me away, the editing is very well done, as well as the shooting and the sound track. This felt like a subtle mix between theatre and film, between the human nature and the human species, between reality and pure imagination.

The photography is plain and simple, therefore it’s really working out. You literally dive into the scenery, during the theatre scenes, but also in the outdoors scenes.

Every second of the movie made me want to capture every picture in my mind, so that I could see what can only be descibed as Beauty — again and again.

We left the screening room blinded by the light of the sunny afternoon of Cannes, still amazed by what we saw just minutes ago. I need a few hours to get my senses back, fighting the weird feeling that everyting’s bland and insipid, and waiting for it to go away. Then I could shoot pictures again, while thinking about some scenes of the movie that gave me a few ideas.

I did my best to capture pictures, with my eyes working as lenses, and my mind working as a film. I just saw it but I can’t wait to see it again And maybe this time, I’ll be able to captures some pictures with my lomographic cameras.

Here’s the trailer of the movie :

cc-in-paris has also been writing an article about this screening, check it out on her Lomography blog !

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translated by fredericdith

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