Old Beach Bar: A Great Place to Take Your Mother

One of my favourite places to drink a few beers with friends, listen to live music and also my favourite place to drink a cup of coffee with my family facing the beach and sea.

Old Beach Bar is located in Praia Velha (Old Beach), Marinha Grande, Portugal. It is a wooden bar placed right on the sand, at the edge of the beach which is one of the most peaceful and beautiful beaches nearby.

The bar is open 24/7 during the whole year. During the night you can sing karaoke, watch live bands, play darts or just hangout with friends. It is also a great place to grab something to eat when all the discos close, it is very typical to see young people on Saturday morning having their breakfast here after a long party night before going to bed.

What I like the most about this bar is its versatility, you can have lunch or dinner. It has a very good menu and a very good wine chart. You can go and have lunch with your mother and family enjoying the magnificent view over the beach and after that, you can walk in the pine tree woods or in the catwalk that crosses the whole beach connecting all the beaches nearby. It also has a few wooden bridges crossing the small river in the back of the bar, one of the bridges connects the bar to the pine tree woods and the other bridge connects the bar to the beach.

This bar is beautiful and with a great location. In the summer you can enjoy the beach and the ocean, have lunch in the Old Beach Bar, and return to the beach, have dinner in the bar, party all night long until the next day. In the rest of the year, it is the perfect place to have a cup of coffee with your mother and family and have a walk in the middle of nature.

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