Places to Take Your Mother: Café da Praia

A unique place to enjoy a cup of coffee right in the middle of São Pedro de Moel Beach, Café da Praia is a landmark and a place full of good memories from when I was a teenager and the view? The view is fantastic.

Café da Praia is located in São Pedro de Moel, Marinha Grande, Portugal, right in the middle of São Pedro de Moel Beach.

I have great memories of this place, I used to hitchhike with my friends from Marinha Grande to São Pedro de Moel only to go to Café da Praia. We used to go there at night to drink some (or a lot of) beers when we were young, I fell in love many times there, I’ve made very good friends, I’ve met incredible people and, most of all, I remember having lots of fun in Café da Praia at night.

During the day, Café da Praia is a place where people go just to have a drink or coffee and grab something to eat facing the sea. It is a very good place to take your mother at the end of the day and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

This bar is so close to the ocean that, every year, the sea floods the whole bar to the roof, but this bar is such a landmark and it is so symbolic that every year it is rebuilt. I love this bar and it is one of my favourites. I advise you to take your mother there during the day, but during the night it is better to take only your friends.

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