Give Your Camera a New Look with Skinslove!


Your camera seems down in the dumps? You’re tired of always seeing the same? Well then, here’s how to do a total makeover in a few minutes.

Even though I liked the fact that my LOMO LC-A+ wore the signs of the time passing by, I thought about giving her a new touch. I read several articels about how to coat your camera with different materials. The problem, however, is, that you need to buy the material, cut it into fitting pieces on your own and make sure, those pieces fit exactly. And to be honest, I’m not very good in any hand work. This is why I abstained from chaning my LC-A+’s look.

But some days ago, I discovered some videos on YouTube showing that those 'Skins' for the LC-A are completely redundant. (Yes, I also freaked out seeing how many cameras the guy in the vid actually owns!) It’s so easy! You just need to go to the site Skinslove and make your order. Making the skin fit your camera exactly, is the best about it!

You can choose between a huge variety of skins on Skinslove for different types of cameras like the LC-A, the Holga 135 or 120 or the Fisheye 2. Anyway if you want to be unique and different, the site offers you the option to design your own skin. Could you ask for more?

I made my offer and some days later my LC-A+ and my Holga 135 came up with a complete new style!

Here’s a video!

written by fafascinado on 2011-05-20 #gear #tutorials #lc-a #tipster #skin #holga #fisheye #camaras #estampado #funda
translated by wolkers


  1. naqi
    naqi ·

    HE is Mijonju. thats why he have thousand camera. thanks for sharing :D

  2. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·


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