Fisheye – A whole world inside plastic lens.


A simple camera with extraordinary lens. You can fit the whole world in this lens, you won’t miss a thing.

Lomography Fisheye is one of Lomography’s camera best sellers. It is cheap, simple and easy to use. This camera features a wide angle lens. allowing great close ups, you can get extremely close to subjects without getting out of focus. It’s cool to make extreme close ups to people or pets but you can do a whole lot more with these features, just be imaginative and you can achieve awesome shots; do you have a cool lamp on your home? Grab your Fisheye and shoot it, the Fisheye distortion will turn a dull shot into something out of this world; your imagination is the limit to this camera capabilities.

One of the things I love the most is its simplicity, you just have to load a film, take the lens cover and shoot, it is that simple. I advise using 400 ISO films, even in sunny days, you can take fabulous shots during the day and during the night with flash, 400 ISO film will allow you to be ready to shoot in almost all conditions.

One of the things that you must pay attention to when using this camera is your hands, camera wrist strap and lens cover, you even have to pay attention to your feet, they will appear in all your shots if you don’t pay attention, the lens angle is so wide that it catches almost everything nearby. The first shots I took with Fisheye, my feet and lens cover made an appearance in almost all shots.

You also have to be careful to the gap between what you see in the viewfinder and what the lens see, the more close you are to your subject, the biggest is the viewfinder gap, when doing close ups, you need to compensate a bit in order to achieve what you see.

This is a great camera to shoot from the hip, it is almost impossible to miss the subject, even without looking to the camera; I like to have a walk in the city or in parks and shoot people without them realizing it.

If you are going on vacation with friends, you must carry this camera with you, especially if you have the Fisheye underwater housing, it is great to take photos with your friends in the pool or in the beach, you will have a blast.

What I like in this camera:





Lens cover attached to the wrist strap.

What I dislike in this camera:


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