Actionsampler Flash - A Rough Start


Yeah! Finally a camera to all conditions! Light, easy to carry, great for festivals because I can use it 24 hours and take pictures of my friends… looking even more drunk. :/

The Lomography Actionsampler Flash is a camera that takes 4 sequential pictures in one frame but like most multi-lens cameras, it has to be used with high ISO, outside in the sun. The highlight of the Actionsampler Flash is, of course, the ability to take pictures both day and night, outdoors and indoors. That’s why I wanted this camera so much. I waited while collecting piggy points and then finally one day it came knocking on my door. :)

(Mr. Pig) bought this camera thinking of vacations and fun with friends. I always have troubles when in festivals and concerts. I love multi-lens cameras, everybody does. So, Supersampler during the day… and something else for the night. This is already two cameras and a flash, too much to carry the whole day and too much to worry about when things start to get blurry… ;)

So, the Actionsampler Flash would be the perfect camera for this situation because it works in all conditions. Does it? I’m having troubles with it.

My first instinct was to use it as if it was a Supersampler, the other multi-lens camera I knew but the results are very different. With the Actionsampler, it’s harder to make those amazing compositions you can do with the Supersampler by moving the camera while shooting some still object. Most of the frames came out out of focus and nothing as I expected (although I like some).

Credits: saidseni

And I thought it would be great to take pictures of friends. Well, as someone pointed in a previous article about this camera, it’s powerful flash makes everybody look (very) stoned. The first 2 flashes most of the people can take but after that it’s just too much light in one’s eyes. I even got concerned with a friend who kept seeing lights for an hour… :/ It’s a hell of flash, I mean, 4 flashes!

Credits: saidseni

Well, the cool thing is that you can flip and get the flash down and it’s a regular Actionsampler to shoot in the daylight. The problem with me is that sometimes I’m not sure if the light is enough and I use it with the flash up. What seems to happen is that it shoots the first picture without flash and the other 3 with. What bothers me is that I (almost) always like the first one better, I’m not a big fan of flashes. So why the hell do I keep it up?!

Credits: saidseni

Also, it happens to me one other stupid thing. I forget it has batteries. The first time it happened I spent one night taking pictures of other people without noticing only one or two flashes were working. The red light was really taking time to appear and I sometimes wasn’t sure it was on… “Oh, this Lomographic cameras, you know, they are tricky!”. Duh!

Credits: saidseni

Well, not everything is bad, I like the repetition of still objects and shooting moving objects – just keep the camera still. I still have to find which is the best film to use with this camera, get used to batteries and work with flash, so we’re still getting used to each other. I have to stop rewinding the film after taking a picture, I’m tired of pictures taken inside my bag (four black rectangles), the shutter button is very sensible. But there are some pictures I really like, I hope you enjoy too. Who said analogue is easy? ;)

Credits: saidseni

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  1. gromolaphy
    gromolaphy ·

    thank you so much for this review! i just didn't understand one thing, can you take the 4 pictures with the flash down?

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @gromolaphy: Yes, you can! :) Thanks for reading!

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