Bryony Kimmings goes on tour with the LC-A+


Bryony Kimmings is an artist who won the Total Theatre award 2010, and Time Out’s Best of the Year 2010. We were lucky to catch hold of her just long enough to press an LC-A+ into her hand before she continued her whistlestop tour of the UK and USA!

REAL NAME: Bryony Kimmings
CITY: London

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am an artist based between London and Cambridge, I create full-length performance works, cabaret acts, audio art, short films and spoken word. My work is larger than life, haphazard, loud, often dangerous, somewhat unpredictable but above all fun. I am inspired by the taboos and anomalies of British culture and my work promotes the airing of my own dirty laundry to oil conversations on seemingly difficult subjects.

How long have you been a lomographer or are you new to this whole thing….

I am new to the whole thing. I am not the sort of person to have a camera at a party or on a day out so it took a while to remember that I had a camera on me… but once I got used to it, it was so lovely to have something to capture moments of my day. I became a lot more interested in what was going on around me, the buildings, the people. It really gives you a chance to stop and look at the world and you begin to want to create little stories from what you are seeing. It was lovely.

Your photos take us from Coney Island to East London, what have you been up to?

I went to NYC for my 30th birthday and to do a couple of gigs. I just had to go to coney island… as a gal that likes anything colourful and freaky its sort of mecca. It has this faded glamour and shoddy glitz that has a real feeling of the past and a bygone era. It was the perfect place to take pictures and the day was so beautiful. Then I whizzed back to east london and was making a show with a group of artists on hackney road for the Barbican. You know talking about art and drinking herbal tea like nerds! I have been on a long tour of a piece of work all over the UK, but still haven’t mastered night time shots on my camera!

You are an artist who uses performance to tell stories, what was it like documenting on film instead?

It is harder as you just have one chance to get it right! My work is improvised and chatty and long in length so if I mess up I can just say oops! But it made me a lot more precise and decisive in my choices. I am a little chaotic and it really grounded me! I am hooked.

Did you enjoy shooting with the LC-A+?

Its such a nice thing to hold. Its heavy and feels like it knows what it is doing even if I didn’t! I LOVE the pictures that come out of its magic box when it is done right and had checked out some outragouesly good stuff online, 9 out of 10 of mine looked like someone had just spilled white paint all over them but the learning curve was all part of the enjoyment and I was happy with a good handful! It’s a beauty I can’t wait to use a really fast film in it!

If your shots had a soundtrack what would it be? (three songs, artist and title please)

Red Right Hand – Nick Cave
NYC just made me feel like a cowboy. I felt like a bit of a stranger on the loose.
Take me Over – Cut Copy
Its just been my anthem the past few weeks and I can’t stop listening to it. Its tropical.
You can’t Touch this – MC Hammer
I have been making an audio installation about the early 90’s, I wish I could have shown you but my pictures didn’t come out very well, but I was messing around with my camera to this music all day last week!

Tell us an interesting fact

I am an avid ornitholgist and I long to see an eagle.

You have become known as an outrageous fashion icon, and you recently used the Diana F+ in a photoshoot, why?

I just loved the way the Diana looks, Its such a nice shape and the colours are great…and I just felt like I had seen them being used in magazines and we just wanted something really poppy to complete the look. I just loved the fact I am wearing TWO and carrying a really old yellow TV, it seems excessive and ridiculous and that’s what we were going for!

If you could photograph your icon who would it be and what would they be doing?

Grace Jones having casual sex with Jarvis Cocker… or is that just me!?

What’s coming up next in the world of Bryony Kimmings?

I am about to make a new show called 7 Day Drunk. It is a piece of theatre exploring the links between alcohol and creativity. I will be spending 7 days creating the show whilst under the influence of constant alcohol with the help of a team of scientists, IT experts and a film-maker. I seek to crack open my own creative psyche for science and make a piece of work in the process… if Jim Morrison can do then why not me?! It’s a project that is going to Edinburgh on the East to Edinburgh Scheme, co commissioned by Soho Theatre and The Junction. Watch out for chances to see work in progress via my website I am dreading and looking forward to what is going to be an intense 7 days.

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    great interview, Cut Copy would be on the soundtrack to my photos too!

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