Perchtoldsdorf Castle


A night around the Perchtoldsdorf Castle with the LC-A + screwed to a monopod and loaded with Lomography CN 800.

It can be hard to see the beauty in things that one sees daily. Particularly if it is the exact spot where you grew up and still live. In my case, it is the Perchtoldsdorf, a sleepy little market town on the southern outskirts of Vienna. It is often called an affluent suburb of Vienna with nice houses lined up one next to the other – still, not all too bad of a residential area – and then there’s the small, often overlooked medieval center.

I do not know how many times I’ve gone past the castle without even giving it a single glance. It seems that a small LC-A + was needed to open my eyes.

Apart from the fact that the Perchtoldsdorf Castle is nearly a 1,000-year-old historic building and it’s tower is the landmark of the town, my parents were wed in the accompanying St. Augustine Chapel by which Perchtoldsdorf Castle is also part of my family history in some way.

Additionally, because of viewing the pictures, memories at once came crawling from the darkest corners of my brain: When I was about a young boy with my grandmother on the playground behind the castle, completely fascinated by the illuminated ruins – just like today.

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translated by duckduckninja

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