Polaroid Cameras Rocking on Death Cab For Cutie's Newest Video

I was watching VH1 this morning when “You are a Tourist” – Death Cab For Cutie newest single started playing. And in the middle of the video, guess who shows up? A Polaroid.

Last month, the American band Death Cab For Cutie recorded a live one-take intricately choreographed video. The clip features the band – all dress in black with some red lights near their heart – playing their instruments and some dancers doing a twisted choreography around then in some colored flashlights.

In the middle of the video, Ben Gibbard – the lead vocalist and guitarrist, walks around some dancers that are holding a Polaroid camera. Check it out!

It was a nice surprise there! Does anyone saw that?
If you haven’t see the video yet, you can see on their official YouTube Channel:

written by earlybird09 on 2011-05-18 #news #video #camera #death-cab-for-cutie #polaroid #news #you-are-a-tourist

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