Kubik Club in Hamburg


The Kubik is a traveling club that is exactly what its name promises! A collection of glowing boxes that light up to the beat of the music (Billie Jean says ‘hello’).

At the moment, the Kubik has opened its doors in Hamburg. Occasionally, it travels to festivals and then back to Berlin where it originally came from. The Kubik proposes big waves and many well-known DJs appear every once in a while at Kubik, because it is not just for the ears, but also for the eyes. The Journey of the Kubik has already brought it to Spain and Portugal, but it always comes back home. In winter, the Kubik will be stored, in the summer it goes back on tour. In Hamburg, the Kubik has been made in an old warehouse in Brandshof, an abandoned industrial area of the Elbe bridges station.

Underground is all right, but the Kubik-makers have applied for a proper license for partying, have bouncers and the whole sauce. Then of course, the entrance fee is around 8€. But coupled with the optical noise and the musical noise, one does not experience this every day. The Kubik is in Hamburg as late as July – an extension is not impossible. But perhaps it is coming soon to you! The Brandshof is easy to find: Motorway Exit to Kiel. I have added a map in a link.

==http://www.brandshof.de/index.php?site=lageplan== (German)
http://www.kubikhamburg.de/ (German)

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  1. bccbarbosa
    bccbarbosa ·

    I had a blast in there the whole summer of 2007 when they brought it to Barcelona! The Kubik rocks!!

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