Flea Market at the Museumsufer in Frankfurt

The flea market in Frankfurt, along the Main river is particularly worth a visit in the summer.

The flea market can be previously found every Saturday on the Schaumainkai in the Sachsenhausen district. Now, unfortunately, it changes position weekly between here and the Eastern Harbour. The flea market runs nearly 1 kilometer along the Main River and around the Museumsufer. Passing through, one comes to the art museum Städel, the Ethnology Museum, the German Film, and Architectural Museum, and the Museum of Communications and many others.

The flea market is well shaded by numerous trees, preventing the hot sun from beating down on one’s head in hot weather. Similarly, preventing you getting wet in the rain. As the trees have very dense foliage, it is well protected from light showers. The opinions about this flea market differ greatly, many say that this would be a place where only stolen goods are sold. Others rave about it, saying that it is properly sorted as well.

In fact there is almost always something to be found at this flea market, be it clothes, furniture, or cameras. Many things in my collection, I have discovered by chance and purchased immediately. Another awesome thing is its proximity to the train station and downtown area, both can be reached – by crossing one of the many bridges within 10 minutes.


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