Mysterious Black and White


Kodak BW 400CN is a great film to take mysterious pictures, sad, or even just regular pictures!

I was at one of the local stores to get my film developed and on my way I was looking through the film they had.
And one of the ones that captured my eye was the Kodak BW 400CN.

I took my first roll with it using my sister to model for me. And I loved how it looked very sharp and kind of had a mysterious/sad vibe to it.

Credits: kobehasanidea

Then I took normal pictures of my sister playing the guitar. And it still looked very nice!

Credits: kobehasanidea

Your camera will love this film and so will you! This film is great in all shooting conditions. All in all it is a great roll of film to feed to your hungry camera.

written by kobehasanidea on 2011-06-08 #gear #film #black-and-white #review #kodak-film #lomography #mysterious #user-review


  1. aaron_anderer
    aaron_anderer ·

    The Kodak film is fun and available at many drugstores. I've used it, but I prefer Ilford XP2 Super film, which can be developed in the c-41 process at almost any store.

  2. sammyjames
    sammyjames ·

    Nice review + these pictures look great, looking forward to using the roll of kodak BW 400CN film i bought the other day now.

  3. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    I miss the grain of real B&W -looks a bit like digital B&W (I know it isn't!) but if your local lab doesn't do B&W and you can't do it yourself (which you should consider!), it's an alternative I guess

  4. hail90
    hail90 ·

    I love this film. Its very romantic and definitely adds character to any situation. Good review!

  5. johan34370
    johan34370 ·

    I'm eager to try this film myself! :)

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