Do you require light leaks? Come Down Under!

For a different take on light leaks, I present: The hole in the ozone layer!

There are many tipsters floating around about creating light leaks with your camera for some awesome burnt effects on your film. You may also find tips about embracing accidental lights leaks or fixing that god damn leaky camera to eliminate them all together!

As many lomographers may know, the Australian sun is one of the harshest and brightest in the world which makes for some amazing summer beach weather and a normally fine analogue camera, a little bit leaky.

As you can see, in the first photo below, it was overcast and late afternoon – no leaks – but the second photo was a hot, bright midday so it leaked creating a pink/purple colour on the film.

If you have seen some of my other shots you’ll notice I have quite a few shots with leaks but often they leaked for other reasons (the back door of the camera coming open, or the film not being wound on evenly). However on the beach this day, it was a very very bright 35 degree day, so with the sun itself and the reflection of the sun off the white sand, the brightness created a leak on these shots.

So, for some ridiculously blue skies, bright natural light (leaks) and reflective white sand – come visit us down under and get your camera sun leaked!

Summertime is best :D

Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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