Lucky SDH (120, 100 iso) user-review


Lucky loves Holga, Holga loves Lucky!

Lucky loves Holga, Holga loves Lucky!

After a few months of colour xpro’d madness, I decided to give black and white a go. I check what film was available at the Lomography shop and when I saw that there was a film called Lucky I couldn’t resist to get a few rolls. With such a name, nothing could go wrong! And I was right: As soon as I got it, I loaded my Holga and went for a walk in the cold November rain with little hope of shooting anything decent given the light conditions, but I was so impatient to start shooting that I thought, what the hell! I might get lucky…And I did! All of a sudden, out of the middle of nowhere a group of surrealist majorettes appeared parading out of the blue and without thinking it for a second I started shooting away…And oh boy! you can’t imagine my joy when I got the results.

It’s amazing what this little film can do in spite of poor light: what was a lousy day turned out in beautiful gray tones in the pics. In my opinion the softness of this emulsion is enhanced by the magic of the plastic lense: I’m just in love with the blurry touch and vignetting. It’s also highly recommendable for portraits.

written by jelga on 2008-12-03 #gear #120 #lucky #review #sdh #b-w #holga


  1. krabbpojken
    krabbpojken ·

    Awesome! I´ve been shooting Lucky with my Symbol for a while and couldn´t agree with you more! what´s even better, my girlfriend got me a holga and just two days ago I ordered 10 rolls of exactly this film! Lucky!

  2. swieconek
    swieconek ·

    Place Flagey, I lived about 1 km from there...long ago...

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