Cannes Film Festival - Schweppes party report

Hi. We’re just waking up, and as we said, here’s our feedback on the Schweppes private party that took place on the Carlton beach called the 3.14.

Thanks to Schweppes (and to all the beverages that you can mix with it) for this nice party !

How do you know that you’re at a private party on a Cannes beach, in front of a 5 star palace, during the Festival ? The thing is that you know most of the guests that you’ll see, but you can never tell where you saw them in the first place. In a movie ? In a TV commercial ? In a fashion magazine ? At the bakery just down your street ? “Wait, this big white wig, it reminds me of something, you know, this one scene in the nightclub, at the time when the bad guy comes in the club and says…”

Two vodka and tonic and a LC-A, no ice, please.

Rossy de Palma, spanish actress and DJ, was behind the turntables all night long. We were lucky enough to discuss with her, and she happens to be a big fan of Lomography ! More on this topic later…

Yes, we also have Jude Law groupies in our crew. They didn’t come accross him yet. Yet. But there’s still hope. At the next party, maybe, you never know…

Make sure to follow us on our live feed from Cannes for more news !

written by fredericdith on 2011-05-14 #news #party #festival #film #movie #cannes #schweppes #2011 #soiree
translated by fredericdith

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