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From the moment we met Denise Sprengelmeyer from Eugene, Oregon, we knew this design diva had taste. Laser cut chandelier earrings – check. Amazing shoes – check. And an avid Lomographer? – check!

From the moment we met Denise Sprengelmeyer from Eugene, Oregon, we knew this design diva had taste. Laser cut chandelier earrings – check. Amazing shoes – check. And an avid Lomographer? – check!

Denise is the owner of a design forward shop aptly named MODERN. The shop carries an amazing array of hand picked goods from jewelry to home wares, from furniture to fine art, as well as tools and toys for those of the creative persuasion. We had to know more about MODERN and who and what inspires Denise.

Name: Denise Sprengelmeyer

Address: MODERN in Eugene, Oregon (207 E. 5th Avenue Suite 105 Eugene, OR 97401 541-686-1935)

Occupation: Design Boutique Owner/Collector of Really Cool Things

Was there an initial concept that launched Modern?

Eugene is sometimes thought of as a community of hippies and tree-huggers. The idea of creating a “modern” store was certainly forward thinking for our town 5 years ago. The goal was to create a boutique of modern designs, both cutting edge and mid-century classics and see how it rolled. Of course, we were one of the first in the state and maybe even the Pacific Northwest to be so bold, but we have developed a huge clientele and have been the forerunners of like-minded boutiques to bloom in other cities in Oregon and Washington.

Favorite contemporary jewelry designer?

I am so enamored with Masako Ban from Japan. Her company is called “Acrylic,” and her designs and materials speak to me of “modern” like no one else right now. She uses simple shapes and materials to create big, bold pieces. And she is a delight of a person to work with.

Designer you would most want to photograph (and why)? Camera you would use?

Philippe Starck would be fun to photograph just because quirky people tend to take wonderfully quirky photos. I’d definitely use a large format camera to get all the laugh lines in focus.

Favorite place in Oregon to bring your camera and why? Got a picture to prove it?

Since I have the belief that Oregon is one of the most beautiful places on earth, it would be hard to narrow down one place. So full of beautiful, lush-green forests and waterfalls…it all photographs amazingly. And yes, look at a recent hike with my kids on a path not far from my home.

Method of maintaining during Eugene’s long rainy season?

I love the rain. It makes this part of world so green and lush that I could never complain about it. You just have to have a good jacket or an umbrella and go. I guess coffee (which is consumed by Oregonians like water) helps.

Favorite photographer?

I love Andy Goldsworthy’s work. He creates amazing sculptures in nature which change and often disappear over time, and yet he photographs them to capture the moment…The photos provide an interesting contrast: his art, impermanent in contrast to the still photos, permanent.

Color of choice for the season?

I’m into yellow. I think it is bright and fresh and brings sunshine to the grey outside.

Best place on earth for fresh insights into forward thinking design and why?

In looking at designers that I carry at MODERN, I notice that a majority are Scandinavian and Italian. I really appreciate Alessi (from Italy), for example, for continuing their innovative designs from the 1950s while creating the most entertaining new design twists on commonplace items each year.

Favorite place to eat and/or drink in Eugene (name and address please)?

Eats: Fina Taqueria: 2621 Willamette Street. Their Big Crunchy Taco for $3.95 cannot be beat, and the Sloppy Jose is my new favorite dish on earth. YUMMY!

Drinks: a tie between Cafe Soriah – 384 W. 13th St. for their untouchable Lemon Drop and Bel Ami Lounge – 1591 Willamette St. for their fabulous cocktails and warm atmosphere.

You finally have a week free for a road trip: Which direction does your compass take you and why?

I would love to go to Banff, Canada. It seems like an Oregon-type place on steroids.

Denise’s Advice of the Day:

Better take your Marimekko umbrella with you…looks like it could rain.

Denise shared with us some shots she had taken in Oregon and Louisiana:

As well as some idea of what to expect (at least for this season) at MODERN:

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    wow! I LOve MOdern!

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    u-t-e ·

    I want that store to be my apartment!!!!

  3. weechonghooi
    weechonghooi ·

    feels like home, feels like a showroom... very comfortable place..

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