Braun SR 2000 PK

This is my 1st SLR camera, I bought for MYR500, at Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I love this camera, it really fulfills what I want from a camera.

I bought it in a new condition in box. But I don’t know in what year this camera was made. What I like the most when I bought this SLR camera is it comes with its own splitzer and the camera has a multi-exposure button.

-35 mm single lens reflex camera with BRAUN ULTRALIT ZOOM 3.4-4.8/28-70 mm MC
-Pentax PK lens mount
-Vertically running focal plane shutter 1/2000 to 1 second, B(Bulb)
-Flash synchronization 1/125 sec, or slower
-TTL exposure metering, center-weighted
-Exposure control with LEDs
-Multi exposure shooting
-Pentaprism viewfinder with split image / microprism focusing screen
-X contact hotshoe
-Additional X contact-pc socket
-Film speed range ISO 25-3200
-Self timer
-Film advance lever
-Film frame counter
-Tripod socket
-Lens hood and multi-exposure filter (splitzer)

And so began my journey with this camera with my 1st roll. My 1st roll on this camera is Kodak Ultramax 400 color negative. I began to take a picture within 2 days, and sent the film to a nearby film shop to develop the film. The result is amazing and I’m really proud of it. With many shutter speeds, I also tried the bulb mode.

Credits: fad

I tried the splitzer, but I did not use it a lot. It’s easy to use the splitzer in this camera because it has multi exposure button, and we can see through the viewfinder.

Credits: fad

The lens can zoom in and focus in Macro mode. I really like the lens because it can focus in very close distance and make an object look sharp.

Credits: fad

It’s beyond my expectation what this camera can do, the body is not to big, easy for me to bring in my bag, and has built in light meter so that I can know if it’s overexposed or underexposed. I love my Braun SR2000 PK!

written by fad on 2011-06-03 #gear #macro #review #slr #camera #lens #lomography #135-film #film-camera #braun #user-review #pentax-k-mount

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