Getting Curious with Rollei CN Digibase

The Rollei CN Digibase is a color film that lacks an orange mask/filter. It can be readily printed either in color or in black and white. The film, due to it’s lack of orange filter, has some vintage effect when processed over the labs.

Had a roll of Rollei CN Digibase back then. This film sweeps light from 200 ISO, leaving a gleam from just any indoor or outdoor shots. I used my Diana F+ to shoot this film. Intentionally, the lab brought it back to me since they were telling me that the film is processed B/W. I sent it back to them telling them to process it in C-41. I got the roll again and was surprised to see such light leaks.

Anyway, the Rollei CN Digibase tends to have a mistake if processed in the labs. Without the orange filter or mask, there are some off-colors that are coming in once printed. I think the lab didn’t notice this (and I forgot to mention it for them) so there was no correction. I was excited to use this film because it tells me that I can have it processed via black and white or color.

I admit: I like the color tones. The soft colors make the picture a little bit more interesting. It looks like they are having pastel colors. Using my Diana F+, I shot this roll under a sunny day so I got some good intentional shots (plus the lightleaks) but all in all, this film is favorable. The fact that it has no orange filter or mask and a clear polyester layer in the film is sensitive, loading this film must be done in a very subdued light. This is the reason why I got some crazy lightleaks (that almost ruined my pictures). The film, when you look at it, has a lower contrast as compared to other films since it was made ideal for scanning.

Accept the fact that this film can produce grains but it’s all good for me. Rollei CN Digibase is promising to every Lomographer around the world. It’s a very experimental film. If you have a film for this, we might get different results, I guess.

A great film for every Lomographer. You should try it!

written by ethermoon on 2011-06-02 #gear #philippines #rollei #review #film-review #200-iso #120mm #lomography #diana-f #digibase #user-review

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