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My dear friend Partha got married to beautiful Sonal this summer in Goa. And for the first time I was lucky enough to shoot the wedding in film. And here are some tips if you’d like to shoot in a wedding too!

Shooting weddings is something which I really don’t like doing in the most commercial sense. There are many reasons for it. Firstly the parents of the bride and groom think they are masters of photography and order you to take angles from where they like. Now that is something I hate. I am a photographer, let me do what I need to do and stop bothering me! Secondly, there is always that shyness which the bride and groom might have which has to be broken into very soon if you need shots and that needs dedication.

Luckily I never had these issues in this wedding. And what was the best part? That the groom wanted me to shoot film, as much as I wanted.

So here I was with my trusty Yashica D and lots of TriX & Portra, on the morning of the wedding. Sometimes the things just come together with light and make magic with the right kind of ideas. And Sonal, the bride, gave me just that. Goa was perfect because the light was clear and not too warm as to leave a red tone on the films. Also the place where the ceremonies were taking place was bright enough to work with 400iso film.

Ok now for the tips! Here we go :
1. Meter the subject up close. In a wedding people don’t care if others are visible, they want the main subject to be lit. So meter your bride and groom first, or whatever your primary subject is. Everything else will be ok.
2. Keep at hand some high speed films. I took some 3200 Delta Ilford because I didn’t know what kind of light I may get.

3. Go close, don’t be afraid to ask the bride to look up again or just wait for one second in the same place.
4. Keep 2 cameras instead of just one. Load one with high speed film and one with slow. Interchange as per requirement
5. Have fun, don’t be a photographer, take part in the wedding, it’ll help people ease up.

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