A Trip Around the World at Little World

Longing for an overseas trip but got no money and time? For those reasons, why not visit Little World at Aichi Prefecture to experience a trip around the world instead?

Been wanting to travel overseas for a photography trip? But tight on budget and time? If that’s the case, then you may want to consider to pay Aichi Prefecture a visit for a round the world trip experience instead!

The Little World at Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture is an Outdoor Exhibition Museum where various traditional architectural exhibits from around the world are exhibited. You can literally experience traveling around the world here!

As of now, you can find 33 architectural exhibits from 22 countries being exhibited here in Little World. The distance to go round the world here is approximately 2.5km in circumference. You may choose to walk, take a bus or trishaw to go round the exhibits.

On top of that, you can put on different traditional outfits from around the world here! It would be so much fun if everyone put on the traditional outfits and have their photograph taken! Rental for the traditional outfits is reasonably priced at 300yen to 500yen per outfit. I personally recommend the very stylish traditional outfit from Alsace, France.

According to their website, it would take approximately 2 hours to finish one round at Little World, however, 2 hours was insufficient for us to finish the trip. Our group could not finish one round even for half a day (haha). You can have fun all day long in here without feeling exhausted, so please go for a visit!

Please visit http://www.littleworld.jp/english/information/access.html to see how to get to “The Little World”.


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translated by haylomoley

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