Meet 3 of this Year's Short Film Directors at Cannes!

If you’ve seen the three short films for this year’s Cannes Film Festival that we previewed earlier, it’s time for you to meet the brilliant minds behind them!

You’ve seen some of the short films for this year's Cinefondation selection at Cannes, and now, it’s time for you to meet the directors behind them. These directors are among those chosen by Cinefondation from many film schools all over the globe. Lomography and MUBI have whipped out an exciting mini movie contest, and who knows, maybe one of the participants will not only win our new, top secret Lomography camera, but also receive the coveted Cannes recognition!

Without further ado, we now introduce…

Pieter Dirkx, for Bento Monogatari

Pieter Dirkx, who hails from Belgium, studied painting before taking film studies at Sint-Lukas Brussels. Dirkx made Bento Monogatari for his final project, drawing inspiration from the intensely enchanting world of Japanese Pop Culture. The short film has been gaining positive responses since it was first screened at a showcase for film school graduates in Belgium, and even bagged two awards from the event.

In his interview with Flanders Image, Dirkx tells about sharing his character’s fascination with the world of Japanese movies and manga, and how he wanted his short film to have as many references to Japanese culture as possible.

Bento Monogatari tells the story of Yvonne, who tries to bring back the spark in her marriage by pulling her husband Frank into the realm of Japanese pop culture.

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Simão Cayatte, for A Viagem (The Trip)

Simão Cayatte, a Drama and Theatre Arts graduate, has relevant background in both film and theatre, having worked and lived as an actor and director in Lisbon, London, and New York. Cayatte first had the opportunity to explore his inclination and talent for filmmaking in 2007, when he joined the FILMAKA competition with his short film entitled The Blind Voyeur.

In his Cannes Cinefondation entry, Cayatte tells the story of Antonio, a man who tries to break away from a mundane existence. He takes his wife out on a dream vacation, which seemed perfect as he drives around in a rented convertible. That is, until it turns out that he actually doesn’t know where to go.

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Joe Bookman & Jesse Damazo for The Agony and Sweat of the Human Spirit

Joe Bookman and Jesse Damazo did not only write and direct the script, but also starred in their short film, whose title came from a William Faulkner speech. According to Damazo, they both had totally different ideas for a movie but ended up with one, about a ukelele musician and his manager making a children’s folk album.

Both directors are graduate students from the University of Iowa—Bookman is a candidate for a doctoral degree in communication studies while Damazo is a candidate for MFA in film and video production.

According to Bookman, he and Damazo decided to star in their own movie out of convenience. Even so, both actor-directors were confident about nailing their parts, and thought it made sense for them to be the actors instead of worrying about money for cast and crew.

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Photos from Festival de Cannes and University of Iowa International Accents

View the full list of short films and directors for Cinefondation here! Also, visit the dedicated microsite to learn more and get the freshest news and updates!

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