Fuji 120 Astia ISO 100


For lovers of the color red, Fuji Astia 100 (120) is here to make your day!

One of the first slide films I ever used is the medium format Fuji Astia100 for my Holga 120N. It is also the second type of film I had cross processed. Being new to Lomography then, I really do not know what kind of color shift the Astia is capable of, I just bought 5 rolls cause it seemed cheaper that the others. Yes! I am all things cheap!

Anyway, there is practically one color that came out of my photos after having my Astia processed; it puts redscale to shame, and it makes me blush – RED! If you love the color red, then the medium format Astia 100 will not disappoint. Since this is user review, I would like to stress that the film I used was medium format. This is because I have seem other photos off of 135 Astia film that came out greenish; that which could not explain.

Here are some photos I took with my Holga 120N loaded with Astia 100!

Under the bright sun, and where there are limited colors in you subject (i.e., white, gray, black) the entire photo will come out red; as though you used colorsplash flash in red filter.

Even is there are other colors, they, too, will look reddish.

When you to point your camera to a bright blue sky, it will come out purple.

In low light, though, the images look more natural in color, although a hint of red is still evident.

So, do you like red? Try out the Fuji Astia 100!

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  1. bulletofmine
    bulletofmine ·

    I love fuji ASTIA much. The colour is not too red, sometimes it come out with purple result

  2. agraphy
    agraphy ·

    Really nice! Will try this one for shure! :)

  3. jimmy-rodriguez
    jimmy-rodriguez ·

    just bought a roll of fuji astia..gonna be shooting it with my Holga asap!

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