Happy Anniversary: My Love & the LC-WIDE!

2011-05-22 5

On the eve of Mother’s Day, Keanu and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary. Seeing someone for 6 years is not just a small accomplishment, so I took this day seriously. However, there was nothing fancy about my plan, just a day for the two of us. Knowing that the LC-Wide would soon be launched, I accepted a secret assignment – to document one of my ordinary days with the LC-Wide. Which day would be the perfect candidate for this assignment? Immediately, I thought of documenting our 6th Anniversary. So this is how it went.

Good morning, sunshine! I loaded a roll of ISO400 Kodak Portra 400VC into my LC-Wide and switched to FF mode. First stop, we went to Good Cho’s.

Good Cho’s a combination of a market, an exhibition area and a café. Nothing is more important than having a great breakfast, so we had some bagels and burgers there. With the LC-Wide's new lens, I was able to get closer to the food, less than 80cm! After the meal, we took a little trip around Good Cho’s. Inside, there was a photo exhibition held by the famous Singer and Song writer Wu Bai. Outside, while most of the people were taking pictures, some were doing some paintings! I took some shots outside of Good Cho’s and found out that the LC-Wide is wider than I expected from the viewfinder. It’s definitely a great tool for photographing the landscape or buildings.

Seeing one photo exhibition wasn’t enough to satisfy my thirst, so we went to the Shi-Lin Paper Mill for the 2011 World Press Photo Exhibition. Through the exhibited work, I had the opportunity to see a world far beyond my reach, to feel the pain others endure and to also learn each photographer’s way of catching every indecisive moment.

After the exhibition, we headed to the movie theatre for a 3-D movie. I’d never tried to take pictures inside the theatre before. Since the LC-Wide was loaded with a high ISO film, I decided to give it a shot and took a shot of Keanu wearing the 3-D glasses. The shot came out quite satisfactory. Just like the LC-A+, the LC-Wide has no problem shooting indoors with a limited amount of light. All you have to do is to hit the shutter and keep your hand steady until you hear the second ‘click’!

The movie ended around dinner time, so we went to the Japanese restaurant nearby. This restaurant is famous for Unagi Don (eel ricebowl). From the window outside, you could see the cooks were barbecuing the eels and they looked so yummy! Just like the LC-A+, the LC-Wide is a handy tool for taking snapshots. In terms of focusing, the LC-Wide is much simpler than the LC-A+ because it only has two ranges to choose from.

So this was how we celebrated our anniversary! After seeing the pictures, I was really glad that I accepted the assignment in the first place. This day shall be remembered both in our minds and in the photos.

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  1. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    Loving the first photo! This article is very honest. :) Nice one!

  2. cheriesu
    cheriesu ·

    Thank you ethermoon for loving my article:)

  3. grazie
    grazie ·

    really sweet article! Happy Anniversary!

  4. pomps
    pomps ·

    Happy Anniversary! Nice photos!

  5. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! Nice gallery! Sweet :)

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