Beserah, Kuantan: The Fishing Village


Beserah is a fishing village that is located in Kuantan. When people talk about Kuantan, mostly people will think about Teluk Chempedak or Cherating. Actually Beserah is one of the pearl’s shining location that people miss.

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Beserah, is about a 10-minute drive from Kuantan City center, it does have a pretty and nice beach. Along the beach, we can find a few hotels such as Swiss Garden, Duta Village etc. But Beserah Fishing Village is the place that can show us the cultures and living styles of the village (we call it “kampung” in Malay).

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In the evening, we can see those fishermen are coming back home. They will sell what they had caught. After that, they still need to clean up and pack up their small boats. Ten years ago, they used buffaloes to pull the boat up from the sea, this only happened in Beserah, there’s no other place in Malaysia where you can witness this scene, but they no longer use buffaloes to do it. Now, they use a proper delivery rack to pull up the boats.

Credits: guitarleo

With the beauty of the place, a film named “Woohoo” has been filmed here in 2009. This place has been chosen, because it still maintains the nature, wooden houses, culture, and the pureness. It also shows old Malaysian lifestyle.

For me, I love this place and I will always come here, mostly when I am free. Peaceful is the best word to describe this place.

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