The London Lomography Thursdays X-Mas Special


London Lomography Thursdays are hitting a new part of town in December to welcome The Photographers’ Gallery to a massive, new, dazzling, all singing, all dancing, West End Destination.

London Lomography Thursdays are hitting a new part of town in December to welcome The Photographers’ Gallery to a massive, new, dazzling, all singing, all dancing, West End Destination.

Meet at:
Dec 11th, 2008

6pm‘till 9pm

The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop and Café

First Floor

16-18 Ramillies Street

0845 262 1618

An adventure with a Secret Santa, the glamorous new Lomo Lubitel 166+ and a treasure hunt! What could go wrong?

Well loads actually… but just what IS on offer I hear you mumble?

Hey, for starters, a chance to escape the dreary old credit crunch and feast on the newest and most stylish addition to the Lomography family in a long while – drum roll please – The beautiful new Lomo Lubitel 166+ will be there on offer for all to see and explore. Our glamorous Lomography Ambassador from The North – Helen – will be there to show us the ropes of this formidable photographic friend and run trough a little show and tell action with this baby.

Also take part in an excruciatingly difficult treasure hunt where puzzles and clues will have to be found along the way! As ever, pop pickers, there WILL be a prize for the fastest treasure hunted. The judges’ decision will be final and we will be relying on Karen, Linda and Helen being able to keep an accurate eye on the time…Anything could happen there really.

A shooting challenge will also be on call for the evening – shoot the evening’s challenges whilst ambling on the treasure hunt – for the best of this bunch we will be giving a prize to the best selection uploaded by Christmas Eve onto the Lomography London-embassy Lomohome. Imagine it! A message from your London Embassy on Christmas Eve to tell you that you have a little Lomographic prize on its way to you! What joy.

Now – you don’t get something for nothing in life do you? Well this is no different and for you to be welcomed into the evening’s festivities you must come with a wrapped secret gift to put into Secret Santa’s Sack…A GIFT TO THE VALUE OF £2.00.

The sack will be suitably emptied at the end of the night and everyone will go home with a little gift of love from your fellow Lomographers…
Remember – £2.00 is a price limit but there is no limit to your imagination and creativity! Get thinking and surprise your recipient with a tiny bundle of wonderfulness!!! Make it great!

So come on down to the shinier side of the West End, explore all the floors of the new gallery space, take part in the evening’s treasure hunt, and shooting challenge, check out the new Lomo Lubitel 166+ and partake in a little swapsy with Secret Santa’s Sack.

Oh, we almost forgot to tell you – The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop will be offering a Christmassy 10% off all Lomography products on the night – and that includes the new Lomo Lubitel 166+ mates!

To let us know you’re coming e mail us at with “I wanna be in Santa’s Sack” in the subject box.

Couldn’t be simpler really! Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Yours Lomography Embassy London

P.S: We will be hibernating in January and back with a saucy bang full of love, lust and promise…and possible another legendary open mic session…in February. Details, as ever, to follow…

written by katja on 2008-11-24 #news #party #event #challenge #lubitel #photographer-s-gallery #christmas #london


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  1. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    im lookin into a day or two off work for this and train fares to london :D

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    YO HO HO! looking forward to the festive frolicks!!

  3. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    i'd love to come, but... a bit far..

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