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On a recent visit to Portsmouth, I had a lovely day at the beach, with my dad fishing and my mum and me just sat relaxing, playing games, and reading at the beautiful Southsea Bay.

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Southsea Bay is a great spot for fishing and playing on the beach, which is something all of us Brits enjoy. On a recent visit in April, the weather on the beach was gorgeous and we had a super time there as we sat on our deck chairs, soaking up the sun. It is a shingle beach, so no bucket and spade opportunities, but it lends itself nicely to a bit of lomography as it is such an interesting place.

Credits: kneehigh85

At one end there is a large wooden pier, which looks great and on the day we were there, there were a number of young people using it as a diving board which was kind of cool to watch. There is also a concrete jetty at the other end, which is covered during high tide but becomes fully visible when the tide goes out, this is fun to take a walk along – like walking on the surface of the water.

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There is a firing range behind the beach, which is very well protected and to be honest, I do not know a great deal about this as it all appears very top secret. I like to think of it is a secret government location but I think that is just my wishful thinking. As a result of the well-protected firing range however, there is an area sectioned off along the back of the beach with high fences and barbed wires, which make the subject for interesting photos, especially as you can see old buildings behind.

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All in all, I had a lovely day out at Southsea and would recommend taking your lovely mum there for a spot of photography and sunbathing. Also highly recommended is the curry restaurant, Bombay Bay which is the other side of the main road to the beach, and a has a beautiful view overlooking the harbour, and serves the best Indian food I have ever tried (and I live near Bradford!)

Credits: kneehigh85

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    Every beach should have it's own firing range...

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