June Workshops!

The Schedule for our June workshops is up! Come by & pick up some new tricks!

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Hello All Torontonians! Please join the Toronto LGS for a workshop or two (or three…)!

4th June (Sat), 2011 1-3pm: Adventures in Pinhole Photography

5th June (Sun), 2011 2-4pm: Spool is in Session: A Workshop about Film

11th June (Sat), 2011 1-3pm: The Diana Dialogues

12th June (Sun), 2011 2-4pm: Plastic Fantastic

18th June (Sat), 2011 1-3pm: Adventures in Pinhole Lomography

19th June (Sun), 2011 2-4pm: Introducing The Diana Mini

23rd June (Thurs), 2011 6-8pm: The Diana Dialogues

25th June (Sat), 2011 1-3pm: Plastic Fantastic

26th June (Sun), 2011 2-4pm: Double Exposed

The Diana Dialogues
The little plastic camera that started 2 revolutions! Find out how the camera has affected trends and become a classic artistic tool for several generations of photographers. Discover all the incredible accessories, tips, tricks, and techniques!

Introducing the 'Diana Mini This little wonder is actually two cameras in one. It shoots square frame shots like its big sister the Diana F+, but it can also be a half-frame that with a flick of a switch can shoot 72 half frame photos on one roll of 35mm film! Don’t be fooled by its size, this camera packs a punch! In this workshop we will explore all the tricks and techniques that the Diana Mini is capable of!

Spool is in Session: A Workshop About Film
Film addiction is one of the greatest analogue pleasures—but choosing the right film can be a bit overwhelming at times! Come learn all the ins and outs, from the deep contrast of fine grain black and white film to the color-dripping madness of cross-processing—and everything in between!

Double Exposed
Multiple exposures are one of the most exciting and creative techniques in any Lomographer’s arsenal. At this workshop, we’ll introduce you to double (and multiple!) exposure photography. Tips, tricks, techniques—we got it all!

Adventures in Pinhole Lomography
Adventures in Pinhole Lomography No lens photography is as old-school as it gets, and Lomography is all about celebrating the limitless creativity of analogue pinhole photography. Come down to the Lomography Gallery Store for some pinhole action!

Plastic Fantastic
From multi-lens marvels like the Actionsampler, Supersampler, Oktomat, and Pop 9, to the 170 degree-grabbing magic of the Fisheye and Fisheye 2. In this workshop we’ll discuss each of the plastic cameras while opening up a world of shooting possibilities!

  • Cost: $10 (7$ for students) ALL workshops include a loaner camera and a roll of film. All participants will receive a 10% off coupon for the use at the Toronto Lomography Gallery Store

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