Giant Flea Market!


Once a year this amazing flea market takes place on the huge Theresienwiese in Munich! As you can guess it is giant, and when I say giant, I literally mean GIANT! So for all you flea market lovers out there, if you’re ever in Munich, make sure not to miss out on it! This year it was on the 30th of April, but it changes every year!

I have never really been such a flea market person, so I had doubts when I got there, but after the first five minutes I was completely overwhelmed! You can find literally anything you want at a flea market! And for the cheapest prices! From clothes, to bags, to jewelry, to books, to old record players and records, to furniture, to CD players, and of course, what we are all interested in, cameras. If you’re looking for a unique, fun, cheap camera, a flea market is the best way to get one! They aren’t all in best condition, but with their price it doesn’t really matter! I saw lots of Minoltas, Cannons, Olympus and even a really adorable Rolleiflex! I was about to buy it for 30 euros but then I decided not to, I didn’t really believe the man who was selling it to me! He said it worked, but it looked really wrecked to me, then he even dared to say that you can stick a memory card in it and make it digital?! Don’t know how stupid he must have mistaken me for! Oh well, I didn’t get that then but I did came across a Polaroid camera for 5euros! I was again about to buy it, but the man this time wouldn’t sell me the special film you need to go with it so I didn’t get that either! There were lots of opportunities to get great cameras, but you still have to watch what people tell you, if you don’t really know your way around things, don’t let people trick you into something! This often happens at flea markets.

Another bonus to this flea market is that it has a so-called “frühlingsfest” right next to it! Which is this little festival for spring and basically represents the famous Oktoberfest in mini! It has a few roller coasters, candy-floss, and lots of fun games to play. :) If you ever manage to go, I hope you like it. :)

written by nadinadu on 2011-05-14 #places #festival #location #flea-market-event

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  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    I love flea markets! I get lost in them! hope I can go to this once some day!

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