Cannes Film Festival - Day 2


This is our second day here in Cannes, and we thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit more about what we had for the lucky people who could make it to Cannes this year…

In association with the Short Film Festival directors and alongside MUBI , we’ve set up a competiton on the Short Film.

That’s our booth ! Just next to the entrance and the bar. Come say hello !

As we speak, we’ve recieved 77 super interesting ideas, which means that there are 77 people all around the Palais des Congrès shooting with those lovely multi lens cameras. Keep your eyes open and tell us if you can spot one!

Rumors have also been overheard: some people say that our top secret product has been spotted by paparazzis during the walk on the red carpet for yesterday’s “Midnight in Paris” screening… yeah, right, these are just just rumors anyway…

We heard that these three girls saw our top secret product. They’re maybe on a mission to steal it and bring it to Charlie…

written by fredericdith on 2011-05-12 #news #festival #film #cannes #2011 #mubi
translated by fredericdith

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