For the Love of Sprockets


Some film lab technicians must have scratched their heads on sprocketed photos, but now, there’s no stopping these perforated panoramics from catching attention!

Yay for sprockets!

Film lab technicians must have thought the world has gone nuts when they first encountered exposed film sprockets. “Say what? Include the film sprockets when we scan your photos? You must be kidding!”

Yet today, sprocket photography has been fascinating people in and out of the analog photography world. The perforations do not only add charm to the photos, but also emphasize film as a photographic medium. When you see sprocketed photos, you know right away that they’re masterpieces in film. It’s that powerful and unique!

Sprockets can be jaw-dropping!

Sprocketed photos are truly stars of the lo-fi world and have been the talk of the town since their claim to fame. They have been featured and adored in many blogs, online groups, and photography websites such as Exposed Sprocket Holes on Tumblr and 35mm Sprocket Holes on Flickr.

Holga sprockets exude a more retro-like mood.

Medium format cameras, especially the Holga and Diana cameras, have made it possible for people to explore this technique for creating stunning photos. It used to involve the painstaking process of loading 35mm film into a medium format camera, securing the film counter window against light leaks, and estimating spaces between exposure through click counting. That is, until the Spinner 360 and Sprocket Rocket came into the picture!

Lovers of film now have many ways to create crazy sprocketed photos: go for an old-school sprocket challenge, take your films for a sprocket spin, or create out-of-this-world double-exposed sprockets!

See how people all over the analog photography world are having a blast with their sprocket snaps!

Credits: dogma, ndroo, paper_doll, makny, sophiecorto, princestewart, wuxiong, frauspatzi, blancarleal, 007-0815-styler & yukijiro

How much do you love your sprockets? Let us know with a comment below!

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  1. nadinadu
    nadinadu ·

    hahahah I LOVE THEM ALOT! but i don't really have any...all my photo labs say they cant do it!
    please help lomography!! is there no way of doing this online? sending the film somewhere?

  2. bombetator
    bombetator ·

    Luckily, Philippine lomographers have access to a nationwide shop, called Digiprint, where you can drop your used films, have them processed and delivered to your doorstep with a CD full of your scans. One of the options when scanning are "Include sprocket holes". :)

  3. dooby
    dooby ·

    @nadinadu buy a paterson tank, some C41 and or E6 chemicals and develop them yourself, easy peasy!

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