Rollei B&W Single Use - Luckily, I brought my disposable camera


Want to take it next time, but time won’t wait people, next time the little puppies will become big dogs and they won’t be that cute anymore.

I went to visit my excavator’s friend on my holiday. The empty space in front of his house has two stray dogs making their family and gave birth to a bunch of little puppies. My friend will feed them left-over food. When I wanted to take out my camera to take some pictures of the puppies, I found out all my films were used up, so I thought maybe I can take it next time. However, time won’t wait people. If I come next time, little puppies will become big dogs, they won’t be that cute anymore. Luckily, my backpack has a Rollei B&W Single Use camera which I have put it inside for backup long time ago. This is the best time to show it off!

The sky is grey, during the whole day the colour tone is so gloomy. As not to frighten the puppies, I didn’t dare to turn on the flash. Even so, this kind of dark mood give me a chance to shoot the moment of warm family love. When I saw the puppies chasing their mother for milk, I couldn’t stop keeping myself laughing.

In less than 10 minutes, I shot all 24 frames of 35mm B&W film, but still feeling not enough. I think next time, I need to put 12 Rollei B&W Single Use cameras inside my backpack so that I can shoot as much as I like!

written by hwangcharngan on 2011-06-02 #gear #review #puppy #lomography #disposable-camera #film-camera #rollei-b-w-single-use #user-review #24-shots #backup
translated by jenlifa


  1. marijn
    marijn ·

    To bad the story isn't about the camera. I'll always prevent using disposables. This because of the lack of control and bad pricing. Disposables are also not that environmentaly save. I can not think of a reason why man would want to have a disposable unless you can unload and reload it yourself.

  2. hwangcharngan
    hwangcharngan ·

    第一次用Rollei B&W Single Use。這一台相機拍出來的效果,出乎我的意料,光線不好,也可以拍得非常清楚。

  3. mythguy9
    mythguy9 ·

    Sorry to say that I'm pretty much in agreement with marijn. However, the design of the camera is quite interesting, compared to other disposable camera.

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