The Streets of Mumbai with my ActionSampler

Some random street photos from all of Mumbai (Bombay). Some streets are quiet while others are chaotic.

Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is many things. It’s the economic capital of India as well as its richest city. It is also the most populated city of India and the second most populated urban area in the world. It’s also home to one of the most prolific film industries in the world (Bollywood!). Also this city has been home to me for 19 years of my life!

I think what everyone can agree on is that Mumbai is a city of contrasts. Rich and poor. Penthouses and roadside shanties. Lamborghinis and Bullock Carts (though Bullock carts are very rare now!) you will find it all in this city. When I loaded up my ActionSampler with its first film I was determined to capture the streets of this city in all it’s liveliness.

Here are some photos I took with the first film:

This photo could probably ‘define’ a lot of Mumbai, especially the suburbs. We have work on a Metro rail going on near my home. And the road is a really busy one, so it leads to a lot of traffic jams! (No traffic jam in the photo, though). That is a bus stop. And cars don’t park properly so that creates a huge mess!
A bullock cart! They’re quite rare and hard to spot. I was travelling by bus and saw this, and I really had to snap it up quick!
I like clicking photos of moving traffic and signals. And there are auto rickshaws in both photos. Auto rickshaws are Mumbai staples, but you will find them only in the ‘suburbs’ not in the ‘city’.
I love snapping photos of signs! Some people are just too paranoid with their property. Mumbai is not that unsafe or unlawful, I wonder why this building needs to have so many signs, plus a few goons guarding the place. (Plus, they can’t spell ‘Sapphire’)
Mumbai has a pretty good bus service, called BEST (an acronym, originally stood for Bombay Electric Supply & Tramways Company Limited, now stands for Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport). The bus services are available to every corner of the city, though they can be over crowded especially during peak hours). Here are three shots in a bus station/depot. A canteen, buses and I swear, that last photo had a point… I saw a squirrel! But I can’t seem to spot him in the photo. Maybe you can?
A very large pipeline that supplies water to the city.
One of the many fire brigade locations in the city.

Mumbai has been a target for terrorists in recent years and the government is trying to take safety measures, though it can be difficult because the city is large and over populated.

These are some of the street photos I took with the ActionSampler. Sorry for the random post, it’s just that these are places from all over the city! I have a lot more photos of different locations in Mumbai and I plan to put them up soon.

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