Pop Cam: Instant Andy Warhol Art

Pop! Click! Color! One click of this plastic camera gives you 4 pictures in different colors (yellow, blue, green and red). It will produce instant retro-style pieces of art similar to those trademark works by famous pop artist— Andy Warhol.

(Photo of the item taken from FredFlare.Com)

I was able to get a good deal on this camera, buying it online for only $15. The price is very reasonable as it gives four continuous shots (with a 1-2 second interval) plus the colours! No need to use any batteries! It doesn’t have a flash so it is really better used outdoors with a 200 ISO film – or higher for much better results. You need proper light in order to bring out the colors.

What I like most about this camera is that it won’t require much from your wallet. It is best paired with the ordinary color negatives, it is cheaper to use. The affordability of the camera and its films earns this camera the title of “My Favourite Travel Buddy”. I bring it anywhere I go because it can be easily used.

The Pop Cam, as you can see, is like the baby sister of the Lomography Actionsampler. They actually produce the same pictures without the hassle of inserting colour gels. It is best for capturing action, movements and most of all…portraits! Just make your subject smile and produce not just a photograph but a work of art! Go to the nearest lab or studio, have it printed and voila!.. instant picture frame gift!

Characteristic: Plastic Fun
Vital Statistics: 4.5"l, 1.5"w, 2.75"h

As you would expect from a novelty/toy camera like this one, do not rely on the viewfinder. I can’t think of any negative experiences I have had besides that one. I’ve always been satisfied with the results. It’s not that important anyway because we don’t really follow rules…we just shoot!. Let your your creative juices flow and I’m 100% positive you’ll be able to take perfect pop art photos.

Pop Cam is an underrated plastic camera, you’ll be missing out on a lot if you don’t add this to your collection. I highly recommend it. It’s really a lot of fun to use. It is also best bought as a gift for a friend who loves arts and colors. What are you waiting for? Buy one now!

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