Videos to Help You Learn How to Use Lomography's Spinner 360!


Everyone wants the Spinner 360 after seeing it in action, but its unfamiliar form has a tendency to frighten people off. However, if you watch the videos below, you’ll realize how easy the Spinner 360 is to use. Also, if you have a film scanner, the Lomography DigitaLIZA is a must. So if you want to take more awesome and unique photos,

watch the following videos carefully.

Loading Film in the Spinner 360
Loading film into the Spinner 360 isn’t much different from loading film into other 35mm cameras. It’s really simple. Place the film in under the crank and turn the handle. It’s recommend that you use film of ISO 400 .

Taking Photos with the Spinner 360
In order to take pictures, first set the aperture to cloudy or sunny mode. Pull the cord all the way out. As soon as you release it, the camera begins spinning and taking a photo. If you want to spin the camera manually, hold the handle and rotate the top part of the camera with your hand.

Spinner 360: Unloading and Rewinding Film
If you can no longer pull the cord, set the aperture mode to R, remove the rubber band, and then use the crank to rewind the film like you would with any other 35mm camera.

Spinner 360: Processing and Scanning Film
There are two methods. The first method involves entrusting the film to those who understand developing and scanning panoramic film scanning very well, those at a Lomography Gallery Store. The other method involves going to a regular lab and after getting the negatives, scanning them yourself. If you have access to a film scanner, I recommend that you you get Lomography’s film scanning mask, the DigitaLIZA .

How to use the DigitaLIZA by Mijonju

If you buy the Spinner 360 in the online Lomography Store by May 15th, you’ll receive 3 rolls of 400 ISO film and a coupon for getting one roll developed and scanned.

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    hey i got the spinner but no free films or coupons given!

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