Rock and Roll: MusikMesse 2011

The Musik Messe in Frankfurt am Main is one of the biggest international music conventions in the world. The only competition for it is the famous NAMM Convention in California. From classical music to death metal and techno, there’s all to see and hear at this event which I am inviting you all to visit!

The MusikMesse takes place every year in the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Center in three very large halls. It lasts for 5 to 7 days, with new product presentations, competitions, signing sessions and live performances. Close to 78 thousand visitors, with 26 thousand from abroad, visited the convention in 2010. This year’s convention surely topped that number.

The three halls used are divided by instrument. One hall is used for drums and other percussion instruments, the other for guitars and all connected to it, and the last hall, for all things keyboards and electronics, like DJ equipment.

Being a drummer and guitar player, and being somewhat interested in keyboards as well, I arrived right for the opening at 9am, and left at 6pm when the convention closed, sadly not having seen and tested all I intended to. Oh well. At least I made my mum jealous. Oh right, since this is a requested location for ‘where to take your mom’, a little info: my mom loves music, she went to music school, and I got her to listen to all the weird stuff I listen to myself, like progressive metal and art rock. Sadly my mom wasn’t around at the time, but when she saw my pictures and my signed posters and CDs, she was REALLY jealous. So next year, I’ll definitely be taking her along.

So here be my experiences:

First I went to the drum hall, since that is MY world. =D A lot of new drums, a lot of colors, a LOT of noise. You can test any drum set you want, any cymbal. However, remember to bring your own sticks, because there are no freebies. For the drummers, what’s important to know: huge Pearl, Tama and Meinl booth. Zildjian was mediocre, Sabian tiny, but hosted an artist signing session.

Sabian hosted its Sabian Artist Signing Session, which I visited for Mike Portnoy, ex-drummer of the prog metal band Dream Theater, last year’s drummer for Avenged Sevenfold and many, many more:

This is one of his more impressive videos:

Then I went to the guitar hall. Guitars and amps, as far as the eye can see. There were also a couple of competitions, at least 3 guitars were won, all 3 limited editions. There were also a lot of live performances and clinics (tutorials).

This guy was awesome. I asked if I could take a picture of him and his hair with my Lubitel, which led to a 15min convo about medium format cameras. Turns out his girlfriend back in the states does photography as a hobby and they both own a huge collection of Kodak Brownies and a few other TLRs.

The last hall was the keyboard/piano hall. I didn’t have much time for it, so I kinda just walked around, tested a few analog synthesizers (yes, they still make those =D ), met an awesome band then went home.

For these guys a special mention: They’re Eyal and Ray from Israel. They’re the founders of the band Project RnL which is all about mixing up things in a funky, jazzy rocking kind of way. They are really awesome and I suggest you check out this video, which is how Eminem’s “Real Slim Shady” would sound like if it was a musical:

Next year I will be taking faster film for sure, ISO 100 really doesn’t mirror all the crazy colours seen in this convention

Important info:
Official site –
Location – Messe Frankfurt, to be reached with U4 metro line at station “Festhalle / Messe” or tram line 16/17/11
Prices vary, this year it was 15 euros for a full day

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