Road to Heaven: A Redscale Journey Across the Monumental Cemetery of Milan


What if a Sunday afternoon walk turns out to be a heavenly journey across statues, monuments and artistic decorations dedicated to the dearly beloved? Thanks to the astonishing beauty of vignetted images and dramatic tones of redscale film, my Diana F+ photo shots became a real oniric reportage.

My walk through the magnificent monuments of Milan’s Cemetery was really a surprise when the films came back from the lab. A dream-like selection of images with the red-yellow tone of the redscale 100 film suddenly gave me the idea to write an article for this particular location.

The Monumental Cemetery of Milan is a very important spot because it hosts many famous and historical graves, i.e. the ones of Alessandro Manzoni, Giuseppe Verdi, Pietro Mascagni and many others. The particular architecture of monuments (belonging to classic and contemporary styles) inspired me to use my Diana F+ in combination with the Splitzer in order to achieve sort of imaginary shots where stones are mixed with clouds, columns intersect with crosses, angels are reflected by themselves in a beautiful and unnatural landscape.

That’s what I wanted to achieve in order to illustrate the concept of the “Road to Heaven”, the passage between our world and infinity, the door across time and spirit. A concept of a dreamy place became reality, that’s why I love the ability of my lomo cameras and accessories to mix and match different techniques for a very special result.

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written by peteparker on 2011-05-12 #places #cemetery #splitzer #landmark #redscale #milan #location #milano #diana-f

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  1. bryngel
    bryngel ·

    The first picture is a true masterpiece!!

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