The Grass is Greener in the Lomographic World


See how Lomography has made it possible for us to see the world in pleasant, vibrant green!

Credits: warning

With Lomography, we live in a world of vivid hues and popping colors. Green, the color of life, youth, and nature, is even more soothing and eye-catching in our little analog paradise. It’s not just the trees or grass that’s greener on our side, but also the sea, streets, and skies at times!

Credits: fornoise, ilovemydiana, eskimofriend, boredbone, mephisto19, myloveletter, bravebird, bccbarbosa & falsedigital

Through slide films with greenish or bluish tones—and a little bit of luck—we see a world that’s lush and full of life! Springtime in full bloom, grassy plains and landscapes, skies painted in blending blues and greens, and even cityscapes in viridian tones—our films and cameras can capture all these and more!

Our greens do not only stand out on their own, but also complement scenes to lead the eye towards certain points in our photos. See, in the photos below, how our greens can make the reds bolder, the blues cooler, and the yellows (and skin tones too) brighter!

Credits: parky, mr_sid, shoujoai, mephisto19, plasticpopsicle, adi_totp, renaishashin & warning

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