Live from the Cannes Film Festival !


Do you still remember the time when pictures started moving? The time when people saw a locomotive heading towards them for the first time? When Brangelina, Hollywood superproductions and paparazzis weren’t all over the place? You probably don’t remember the first two, but hey, we can all imagine!

This year, you will be able to attend the biggest movie festival from the inside, thanks to Lomography and MUBI, an online platform dedicated to cinema. We will have a booth right inside the Palais, where everything is happening, to tell you all about our cameras and show you our newest products.

To keep you updated about the festival, there is even a brand new dedicated microsite for this event, as well as a competition with a very special reward: you could be the first person to touch our future camera (which will be released this summer), and fly directly to Vienna, Austria, to visit our headquarters to see where all the Lomography magic happens!

Our Lomography team will be available at the MUBI & Lomography booth to send you the latest news, updates and gossip from the Festival !

Long live the cinema !

written by fredericdith on 2011-05-11 #news #festival #film #cannes #2011 #mubi

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    It's time for Oktokino feature! (;

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