Lapidarium in Berlin

In Lapidarium in Berlin, there are a lot of huge monuments and statues of key figures of German history. These are all very old and huge.

The Lapidarium (at the pumping station in Kreuzberg on Hallesches banks), was built in 1873 and consists of two huge rooms. There is a slight musty smell and the air is slightly damp and cold. This place is used for storage and exhibition of huge ancient monuments. These were formerly in the Berlin Victory Boulevard and at the zoo. There are now partly only replicas of the originals. In Lapidarium, you’ll meet a five-foot Johann W. von Goethe, or an oversized Otto von Bismarck.

Unfortunately, the rooms are not open to the public, but per request (or luck), it is possible to then take a quick look inside and take pictures. It’s unbelievably fun, but it’s forbidden to climb between the figures and sit on the arm of Charlemagne. Since it is relatively dark, it is wise to choose a light-sensitive film or flash.

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translated by duckduckninja

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