Watch your (instant) back! - The LC-A Instant Back Review


A big LC-A lover but waiting for your film to develop sometimes gets the best of you? Well you’re in luck. You can not get that LC-A feel on instant film, the size of your credit card. Sounds hard? That is what I thought, but believe me, if a clutz like me can do it, so can you!

The instant back is surprisingly easy to install. I mean if I can do it, so can you! Screwing things of your camera is scary stuff, but it’s only takes three shrews, some tweezers and a bit of superglue to get it done. After that you can simply click the instant back into place. The hardest part for me was actually finding the right batteries to power up the back ;)

Snap away
Instant back in place? Woohoo, time to start shooting. Loading is also very easy. They even have a yellow stripe to mark where the film should go. Switch your instant back on after loading and press the button on your instant back so that it throws out the film protective cover. Now 10 instant photo’s await you! Now the standard ISO Lomography recommends to put your LC-A on is 200. Since I shot in pretty bright conditions I had mine on 400. Even with a little sunlight I found that it made my pictures much clearer. The distance setting is a little different from usual, however loom thought about that as well and has the new distance settings marked on the instant back.

The absolute best thing about the instant back is that it allows you to use all your LC-A tricks on your instant photo’s. You can do multiple exposures or use LC-A accessories like the splitter or wide angle lens. The sky is the limit! You end up with instant images on credit card format with that characteristic LC-A feel we all love so much.

To close of with; I would definitely recommend the instant back. I had a lot of fun with it and my friends loved it. I feel the instant back actually has an advantage over the other smaller instax camera’s because it allows you to use all the LC-A features including the vinaigrette borders.

written by achocolatemoose on 2011-05-20 #gear #review #lc-a #shoot #experiment #instantback #user-review


  1. velocity89
    velocity89 ·

    halo there. I recently got my new LC-wide and the LC-A instant back. After i install them and had some shots. But it turn out to be very dark. I had try all of the ISO settings but still. I did install the lc-wide correction lens too. Wonder maybe u could help? thanks!

  2. pheebs
    pheebs ·

    @velocity89 : would you please shoot an email to so we can help you solve this issue?

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